Education Is The Key!

Dare To Be You Fashion Show 

September 2016

With my love for my talent which is Fashion Design and Sewing,  I can't keep it a secret, I just have to share  what I've been blessed with. So I have started with the youth, they are like stars that sparkle every time you work with them they're willing to learn and I want to teach them what I love. I would like to think

(Kipp Truth Academy)

for allowing me to share my love with their children!

​Revelin Design giving back to the community. Here in United States, we have children that will be without a coat for the winter. God has been so good to me, I just can't sit back and do nothing! ReVeLin Design will design and manufacture children coats.

For each coat sold one was donated.  

We are so proud to say:

Children's Coats are Made in the USA

Community Out Reach